Caring for Cats

Caring for cats can seem simple but we ask our clients to think like a cat and explore ways to improve their cat’s quality of life. We focus on environmental enrichment, troubleshooting behavior issues and early detection of disease. Nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and litterbox habits are topics to explore as we work together to keep your cats happy and healthy.

Grooming & Boarding

We are happy to offer unique and comfortable boarding and grooming for our feline patients.

Kitten Care

Working together we can keep our cats acting like kittens long after they outgrow their tiny mews and baby blue eyes.

Helpful Links & Resources

Information is power and when you have questions you need answers! We have compiled a list of our favorite sources, products and searchable sites.

Nutritional Counseling

Feeding cats shouldn’t be complicated but as owners and caregivers we often struggle with adjusting our cat’s feeding schedule and diet.

Stress Free Vet Visit

Let’s work together to squash the idea that cats HATE the vet! We take the care and handling of our feline friends very seriously.