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After Surgery

There is abundant evidence to support the recommendation for rehabilitation therapy after orthopedic surgery. Just like in human medicine we utilize strengthening exercises to help our pets regain normal mobility after surgical treatment of an injury.

Our goals are:
  • returning to normal and equal weight bearing
  • returning to a normal gait with normal range of motion
  • returning to normal muscle mass

The post-operative therapy is customized based on the surgical procedure, your pet’s individual needs and the recommendations of your surgeon or family veterinarian. Post-op rehab is affordable and is a logical way to protect the investment associated with orthopedic surgery.

If your surgeon is not recommending or is discouraging rehabilitation you should ask why. Your surgeon should have a plan for when rehabilitation can be introduced during recovery. Most protocols increase gradually in intensity based on meeting certain goals. Safety is paramount and no patients are pushed into therapy without clearance from their surgeon.

Who is a candidate for post-operative rehabilitation?


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