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Senior Care

In many ways rehabilitation therapy is a natural fit for our aging pets. The components of a therapy or exercise program speak directly to preserving mental focus, spatial limb awareness, balance, strength and mobility in our pets as they age.

senior dogBy identifying common goals and current strengths and weaknesses we can develop an in-clinic and at home exercise plan to help keep your senior pet an active member of the family. Our plan will touch on:
  • nutrition
  • body weight
  • flexibility
  • pain or discomfort
  • concurrent medical conditions

We will work with your family veterinarian to address any and all concerns you have about your pet’s mobility.

The comprehensive senior care is not invasive or expensive. It is safe, effective and typically thoroughly enjoyed by our patients. Utilizing acupuncture, therapeutic LASER, stretching, massage, balance and underwater treadmill therapy we address what is limiting mobility and impacting your pet’s quality of life.

We have solutions for mobility assistance, traction, continence issues and more restful sleep.

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