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Weight Management

We can develop a simple and effective weight loss plan for your dog. Weight loss can be the cornerstone of a rehabilitation program, maintaining a lean body weight is crucial for mobility. We understand every situation is unique and will customize a diet, exercise and monitoring plan to fit your needs.

Diet: We can adjust quantity of current diet or transition to an option better suited to help your pet reach their weight loss goals. We utilize multiple diets and can consult with a veterinary nutritionist for home prepared diets or for meeting specific medical needs. A comprehensive approach to diet takes many factors into consideration and we work hard to keep our patients happy and satisfied.

Dog on scalesExercise: We incorporate exercise in every weight loss plan. We evaluate our patient’s ability, comfort, stamina, strength, balance and lifestyle when determining how exercise will play a role in their weight loss. Learning body awareness, improving core strength and mental enrichment are integrated into each session. We are passionate about teaching owners how to exercise their pets correctly and safely. Our underwater treadmill allows dogs to build stamina and strength while eliminating weight and strain on joints. We see week to week improvement and real progress being made with consistent exercise as part of a weight loss plan.

Activity Tracker: Accountability is key and data is empowering! We utilize Vetrax activity trackers as part of our overall health and wellness approach to weight loss. We track minutes walking, running, sleeping and sleep quality to see opportunities for improvement and to identify what type and quantity of exercise is producing results for your pet. You have access to the information and daily goals on your phone, we have access to data on our end to help with goals and targets. These trackers are compact, affordable and offer new insight into our patient’s health.

Weight loss is more that cutting back on treats and pet food. Limitation in mobility prevent traditional exercise like walking from being successful or consistent. Lifestyle changes take time and dedication but your pet deserves a customized approach because weight loss is often an integral component of our ultimate goal, mobility.


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