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Caring for Cats

Caring for cats can seem simple but we ask our clients to think like a cat and explore ways to improve their cat’s quality of life. We focus on environmental enrichment, troubleshooting behavior issues and early detection of disease. Nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and litterbox habits are topics to explore as we work together to keep your cats happy and healthy.

Happy at the Vet Planning for a stress-free trip to the vet with your cat... learn more
Kittens Helping you better understand wellness care and kitten behavior... learn more
Links Enrichment Links & resources to enrich the lives of you and your cat... learn more

Nutrition Feeding cats doesn't have to be complicated. We'll help you sort it out...learn more
Grooming & Boarding Offering unique & comfortable boarding and experienced groomers... learn more
Happy at Home Helping pet owners have happier, healthier, thriving cats...learn more