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Let’s work together to squash the idea that cats HATE the vet! We take the care and handling of our feline friends very seriously. Cats learn and repeat behaviors that result from stressful situations so a little work on the front end can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of success. Be prepared and informed about what makes your kitty tick and work to minimize stressors at home long before you pull out the carrier.

  • Invest in a sturdy, high-quality crate that opens at the top. Cradle the crate close to your body and buckle into the car to avoid unnecessary movement. Cover with a blanket if your cat prefers the dark and clean the crate after each visit. We recommend keeping the crate out, available and parked in high value real estate. A comfy pad on top or inside near the food and cat tree might just make that crate a welcome perch or hiding spot and less terrifying when used for travel.
  • Enter through the CAT entrance and make yourself at home. Let us know if you need anything to keep you and your cat comfortable while getting checked in. Keep Kitty safe in the crate and utilize the blanket again if needed. Of course there are new sounds, sights and smells for your kitty to experience and unfortunately if previous visits have been scary or upsetting those memories may start to kick in for both of you! Try to relax, we know it can be overwhelming!
  • Once in the exam room, you can open the door of your crate and see if your cat wants to exit on their own. Keep the crate on the floor and allow Kitty to explore or just hang out in the familiar space of the crate.
  • We will use treats, cheese, blankets, toys, pheromone spray and low-stress handling to keep your kitty comfortable during the exam. We rarely “scruff” a cat for restraint and try to move quickly and efficiently while following our patients lead on what works best for them.

If you have suggestions for handling your cat or have questions about how to help prepare your kitten for a lifetime of low-stress vet visits, JUST ASK!

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Happy Cat at the Vet


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