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Caring for Dogs

Being Man’s Best Friend is a big responsibility! We understand how a puppy becomes part of the family and the significance of your relationship with your dog. We cherish the part we play in the family-pet-veterinarian bond and work to make your dog’s visits pleasant and fear free. We are focused on addressing nutrition, behavior, wellness, fitness and preventive care. We use a practical approach to prevent disease, have a plan in place for early detection and work aggressively to treat and monitor known medical conditions. Customized care for your dog built on a partnership and education make Grandview Animal Hospital a smart choice.

Dogs - Happy at the Vet We work hard to make your dog's visit to the vet an enjoyable one... learn more
Puppy There are a few things to keep in mind to better understand your puppy... learn more
Links Enrichment Links & resources to help you care for your dog... learn more

Nutrition Positively impact your dog's health with a high-quality, balanced diet... learn more
Grooming & Boarding Experienced grooming team and safe, comfortable boarding for dogs... learn more
Training Helping you mark positive behaviors & reinforce the good... learn more