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Dogs - Happy at the Vet

Happy dog at the VetWe are happy you found us! We work hard to make your dog’s visit to Grandview Animal Hospital an enjoyable one.

If your dog has any special needs we are happy to accommodate them. We can do our best to keep the environment comfortable and provide the necessary reassurance they need to have a fear free visit.

We have an entrance into the clinic for our canine friends and you can typically choose to wait in the lobby, exam room or outside.

Please let us know if your dog has any dietary restrictions or limitations. We use bribes in the form of cheese and treats to help make friends and are happy to utilize hypoallergenic treats or those you bring from home.

We will have questions about your pet’s medical history and will listen carefully to your concerns and questions. Our entire team will work together to ensure your questions are answered and all concerns have been addressed. Please provide any information you feel relevant to our technical staff during check in, we appreciate your input and will have questions for you during and after the examination.

We will provide you with a written summary of your dog’s examination or detailed discharge instructions. You are welcome to follow up by phone or email at any time.

Have Questions?

We are happy to answer your questions or provide additional information.

Give us a call at 816-761-5071 or contact us online.

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