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Hard Luck Hounds Rescue

Golden RetrieverPet rescue may be defined as connecting owners and homeless pets and that was our original purpose when starting Hard Luck Hounds. As veterinarians, we understood that we could provide medical care to these pets and our first several years were focused on dogs acquired from puppy mills. As breeding facilities closed the older dogs needed aggressive medical, dental and behavioral care before transitioning into home. We witnessed hundreds of successful placements and felt privileged to play a role in so many happy endings. What started with a single Beagle named Rocket quickly grew as we obtained our 502c3 status and USDA rescue license.

We began to shift our focus with the opening of the Animal Rehabilitation Center and realized the need for comprehensive rehabilitation therapy for animals awaiting forever homes in rescue. Dogs in shelters have unique and often complex histories. They may be recovering from an injury or awaiting surgery to address orthopedic disease or trauma. Older dogs may need pain management and strengthening protocols to maintain adequate mobility while awaiting their second chance. Special needs rescues focusing on paralyzed or handicapped pets need tools and resources to explore options for assistance and orthotics.

Our mission at Hard Luck Hounds is to make these services available to qualified dogs currently owned by licensed rescues at no or minimal charge. If you would like to apply for consideration please complete the application for scholarship. Boarding can be included in the scholarship for those pets outside of the Kansas City metropolitan area. A representative will contact you for additional information and help determine the immediate needs of the pet needing assistance.

We also occasionally have dogs or cats available for adoption. You can view our current available pets on Petfinder.


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