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Lost & Found - Helpful Information

If you have LOST a pet:

  • Contact your pet’s veterinarian. Confirm microchip and rabies tag information. Update your contact information.
  • Contact veterinary clinics, animal shelters and animal control offices within a 10 mile radius. Do a visual check of all shelters regularly, provide photos and your contact information.
  • Contact the microchip company and notify them the pet is missing. Update all contact information.
  • Post on local facebook groups for lost and found pets. Search facebook for “lost and found pets” and then look for individual communities with their own pages. Look for suggestions on those pages for other locations to post.
  • Post on your own social media accounts and ask your friends to share the information.
  • Watch found pet postings on Craigslist and create your own posting to share your information.
  • Post on Pawboost or similar sites.
  • Create a Lost Pet Poster/Flyer
  • Be persistent and keep looking, patience and vigilance pay off.

If you have FOUND a pet:

  • Do not allow a found dog or cat to interact with your pets.
  • Do not handle a stray dog or cat that appears to be sick or disoriented. Injured pets can bite and rabies exposure should be a consideration. Call your local animal control for help with a sick or injured found pet.
  • Contact a local veterinarian or animal shelter to have the pet scanned for a microchip.
  • Follow up on any contact information provided on an identification tag.
  • Take the pet to your local animal shelter where the owner will be most likely to look for the pet.
  • Post a description of the pet and where they were found on local social media sites dedicated to lost and found pets.
  • Call local veterinarians or pet groomers that may recognize the found pet.
  • Keep in mind a family is most likely looking for the pet you have found!


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